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Chainsaw Tales

Things are settling down. My students have been in class now for two weeks they are somewhat settled into the daily routine. I am not as tired as I was during those first two weeks. So I feel like I have some time to blog. I really missed blogging. Some of you readers have asked my why I am not blogging so frequently now.......for that I am sorry. I will try to post at least every couple of days.

So with that said ...Whats New? A lot!! Ben cut his foot with a chainsaw on August 18th. He was wearing chaps, helmet, ear protection and Kevlar boots ($256.00 for two boots!). He had been cutting wood all day. At around 6:00pm he hit his motorcycle shifting foot(that's the left foot if you don't know). The saw kicked off his meta tarsal plate in the lace part of his boot and went into the right side of his left foot. The chainsaw went quickly through his boot, sock and into his foot. Ben's parents were with him and the boys were there too. I was just returning home from my part-time job when I got the phone call. It was Ben saying in a very calm voice "I am at the NL Hospital, you can go eat dinner at Mom's and come over if ya want". I ask what happened he says he barely nicked his foot with the chainsaw. I casually drive over to the hospital. When I get there the nurse asks If i have any trouble with blood. I say no as long as it is not my own. I entered the room where Ben is laying on a bed with his foot hanging off the edge of the it . I notice a sheet on the floor that is absorbing all the blood that is running off his foot. It looks quite swollen and as if someone had laid a quarter pound of raw hamburger in top of his foot. He was obviously in a great deal of pain but he went to great lengths to act as if it was nothing. By 9:00 pm he was in surgery , the doc in the Er could not sew it up . An on call surgeon was called and Ben was put under. Within 45 minutes he was awake and able to go home. By 10:30 we were home in bed...... I took pictures and will link them here in the coming week. It has been a month since his accident and on Friday he was able to go all day with out his crutches. So needless to say Ben had a week off from work, we ran to doctors appointments often, he fell down 2 sets of stairs....another whole story there........It has been quite an experience let me tell you.....

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Summer on the back porch