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Time to SLOW down........

I am encouraging anyone who reads this to take a good, deep look at your life....I challenge you to SLOW down....if you cannot remember what you ate for breakfast today...either because you didn't eat or because you inhaled your food...(which is often the case for me) it is time to slow down......even if you can remember what you ate for breakfast...are you feeling as if there are not enough hours in the day? Feeling stresses ? Missing out on fun activities because you have too many responsibilities? I challenge YOU!!!! To SLOW DOWN...I am doing it...and here is my story.......

Okay, I have been feeling a bit stressed lately...not too bad just enough to know I need to change something. I laid in bed the other night thinking about how summer is just about over. As I was thinking I sat straight up in bed and said out loud..."I never took the boys to the beach this summer!" Last summer we were at the beach 2 , 3 sometimes 5 days a week. Okay, so what is different this summer.....I started thinking...and thinking and I went downstairs and started making a list...and.. this is my conclusion. I AM OVEREXTENDING MYSELF!!!!!

Look at this list...this is my life.........who does this!!!!!!!

1-M0m of 4
3-Liquor Store Sales
4-Mike Clark Landscaping
5-Church Maintenance
6-Box Tops Coordinator
7-Campbell's Labels Coordinator
8-Newport Lions Membership Chair
9-President of Friends of RFL
10-Newport Opera House Association
11-Christian Education Committee
12-Wedding Coordinator
13-Newport Winter Carnival Committee
14-Faith & Nature Camp Curriculum
15-New Hampshire Family Times Blog Editor
16-Busy Mom at Home Blog Editor
17-Pay Per Post Writer
18-Annual Centurion Dinner Coordinator

So I start crossing things off my is hard....I really do not want to give up anything. I look at my list again . I only crossed off 2 things...not gonna make a big impact so I keep crossing off. Now I am at 5 things gone...Good? Not really..I still have 13 responsibilities left. My goal at this point is to be 10 or under. I keep crossing...finally after about 2 hours , and 6 sheets of paper later I have 9 responsibilities left on my list. Below are the jobs I have eliminated.....

1-Liquor Store Sales (maybe a day or so a month)
2-Mike Clark Landscaping (gone)
Box Tops Coordinator (gone)
4-Campbell's Labels Coordinator (gone)
President of Friends of RFL (gone as of 10/01/07)
Christian Education Committee (gone as of 09/04/07)
7-Wedding Coordinator (only as a back up)
8-Faith & Nature Camp Curriculum (I did my 2 years)
9-Annual Centurion Dinner Coordinator (gone as of 09/23/07)

I think this may just work...

1-M0m of 4
3-Church Maintenance
4-Newport Lions Membership Chair
5-Newport Opera House Association
6-Newport Winter Carnival Committee
7-New Hampshire Family Times Blog Editor
8-Busy Mom at Home Blog Editor
9-Pay Per Post Writer

I can do this....and so can you.... I want to chew and taste my food...but most af all ...I want to remember eating it!!!!!!!

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Chrissy said...

Good for you! At least you didn't cross blogging off your list.

Now that you say you are stepping down from RFL friends, then I don't feel so bad telling you I can't do the secretary duties next year. There just isn't enough time in the day for me.

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Summer on the back porch