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I just got some upsetting nieces husband has a problem. They are a young couple with two small boys. Both work hard to make ends meet. They always seem to get wrapped up into the age old dilemma of "keeping up with the Joneses". You know it... when your friends get a shiny new car and all you can see is the dents and scratches in your 4 year old (perfectly reliable)Ford. So what do you do? You might go buy a brand new BMW that you can't really afford , but you act like you can afford it. Well now what happens? Yes, you have a great car and you ride on the high feeling you get from that, but that feeling doesn't last very long. The $900.00 a month payments...well...they are gonna be around for the next 6 years no matter how you feel about it! So now your what?...... depressed maybe got no money, your spouse is on your turn to what? Alcohol, maybe at first but you may find some
harder stuff that kills your pain a lot quicker...only that stuff is you get the money any way you can...even steeling it from your family......the very same people who will try to help you with your problem. There was no real BMW involved in his story that is just a metaphor for all the things they acquired to keep up with their friends. There is help for my nephew-in-law....we all love him and I know I certainly can understand the difficulty he is facing......there is help for him at This drug treatment site is also for people who want tactics and support as they help someone with a drug problem.

This is a Sponsered Post. ...and a true story.

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Summer on the back porch