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Yes, I've joined the ranks of bloggers who use their blog not only to share their life but also to make $$$. I joined May 9, 2007, so in less than one month, including this post, I am nearing $50.00. And..this only my 5th paid post! I am doing my best to share only the paid blogs that I feel are worth while. However it does seem ironic that each time I log into payperpost and view open opportunities there is always something there that pertains to a current situation in my life. You and I both know it is easy to write a blog review about something we already are familiar with. I find myself scrolling down through my favorite blogs to see what other people are writing about in their payperpost entries. In some cases we have chosen the same opportunity and it's fun to see other peoples ideas on the same topic. I have added many new blogs to my list of favorites this way. Now that I have turned my blogging into an enjoyable hobby, why not get paid a for doing what I enjoy? So take a look at what payperpost has to sign up fees....NO fees altogether! You just do the writing...and get paid. I will let you know when I receive my first check!!! or deposit goes directly into my checking account..interested? Find out how and start getting paid for doing what you love!

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch