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Pre School

Today as I reread my intent at the top of my blog I realize how far I have gotten away from my original objective. so....for that I am sorry........but hey, there is a lot of stuff on my mind. Most of it my husband doesn't want to hear about (puts him right to sleep) so I use my blog occasionally to you. Now onto a purposeful post in line with my original blogging intentions.........Preschool......Luke is turning 3 in early September...we need a preschool. Choices are many...but we have decided to send Luke to a Montessori School. It's not too pricey...although we maintain the attitude that money spent on a child's education is a true investment in their future. So today was Luke's preview at his new school. Only Luke couldn't make it. He was up about twice an hour from 11:30 pm throwing up...poor thing..later this morning he got the runs, so by 11:30 am Luke was throwing up in a bucket while he was sitting on the potty.

Vomit He acts fine....but he cannot keep food down(crackers, toast and the like...yes we are trying the BRAT diet...)I talked with the pharmacists who gave me pedialyte, pepto for kids(same exact stuff as in tums just way more expensive), and Gatorade. He is sleeping now and when I just checked in on him his bucket was projectiles since 1:30.... I am thankful that it is Saturday..I am reminded how difficult it would be to take time off from work to stay home with him....That really stinks!!! Why should that be hard..I am a Mother and my child needs shouldn't be so hard!!! Okay I think that fits my blog I am off to find a payperpost to add to my blog....hey Ineed the $$$$$ I got preschool to pay for.

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch