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Why? Why? Why? Sounds so much like wah, wah wah !

Why is it so hard? Why do some days seem so much more difficult than other days? Tuesday seemed like a day of answers, every time I confronted an issue on Tuesday I had an answer. Example: Issue -gaining weight=answer-go to the gym;join weight watchers;go on a diet. Then Wednesday about 12 issues came up and I was helpless...or hopeless..or both? Today was a mix of answers and impossibilities! Very frustrating! It seemed as if today Will was in a bad mood and Luke was in a good mood. The first half of the day I did well on my diet, the second half..well...can you guess? Britt was solving problems and Ben was making problems? Just a weird day altogether. I used to think it was my mood that navigates the direction of my day. However i am not so sure. Wednesday I was ready to seize the day, I had the right attitude I just couldn't make anything happen. Same thing for today...I was ready and approaching my day with a positive attitude ..yet something was/is missing and I cannot figure it out.

On to a more positive note...please.... I am depressing myself! Will (6) has really turned into a reader. This morning as I sat with my coffee he came into the living room sat down and picked up the newspaper and began reading it!!! Okay, Ben and I have read to Will since we knew we were pregnant. We do not have a TV in our living room, nor do we have any cable access. Ben and I are also both avid readers. Okay ..maybe not avid...we both have almost always have a book that we are reading. Will has been reading for almost a year now. In the beginning he read words he recognized. Like the STOP sign and words here and there in story books. Then he began reading sight word stories. (these are sold as kits at Borders-highly recommended). By May of last year he was reading most of his bed time books with our help. By December he was reading small books all by himself and now, March he is reading just about everything. This amazes me. I understand the process of memorizing words at a young age, what I don't understand is his grasp for sounding out words that are NOT phonetic. Like the word aphids, he already seems to know a lot of the major rules of reading. Even the rules that do not make sense. He has figured out how to use the pictures if there are any, and the structure of the sentence to determine what a word is when he is unsure. And ..this is the kicker.. he remembers! and is consistent! Yeah Will!!!! Did I also mention he is doing Math, no? well, that's
another whole story.........................

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch