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Friends are a BLESSING!

Last night was date night for Ben and I. We hired a sitter and went to the local restaurant and to an Art Show. After a great dinner and a few drinks we headed to the Art Show. On our way out of the restaurant we bumped into some friends. We chatted and decided...... maybe we will come back and hang out at the bar with them for a bit. Well... we spent 10 whole minutes at the Art show and were back to the bar in no time. We enjoyed an evening of good conversation, interesting drink concoctions and ...well... a lot of plain old fun. Later in the evening a bunch more of our friends showed up and we decided to stay even longer. The plan was to home around 9:00pm. Well.... we left at midnight. Plus we stayed up past 2:00am talking with more friends back at our home. It was wonderful!

How great is it to have friends? It's the greatest!!! Today we (the boys, Ben and I) went to three birthday parties and bowling! Kinda of a crazy day but again every where I went I ran into more friends, had some great conversations. And, continued to feel so blessed. You see for me friends are like family. I really get a sense of myself when I am with friends. I can truly relax and be me and know I am not being judged or in danger of being criticized. My friends, like my family, accept me for who I am . Flaws and all. And I them. I embrace their diversity and learn a lot from their experiences and stories. Friends are a true BLESSING, and I love each and every one of them!

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch