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This Time of The Year

Yep, it's THAT time of year. You know what I mean. The calendar says it's spring but there is still snow outside and in the forecast. Ugh!!! Well, I have pulled out some spring clothes and ..well...guess what? They are tight. Yep, I weighed in at almost 20lbs heavier than in June of 06. I started back at the gym last week. See... I already kinda knew I had gained some weight when my current clothes were getting tight too. The key is not to stop going to the gym. That is the plan, even if I hafta go at night, I need to go 3 times a week. I have also decided to go back to weight watchers. I can walk from my house and the support is fantastic! This will be my 3rd time joining weight watchers. After my 3rd baby I lost 50lbs! The other thing I did was start tanning. Not so much for the tan, more for the sun. Tanning is another thing I do, usually in the spring. It helps my mood, lightens my hair and I get a bit of color. Mainly I go for the's weird but it works. I am a bridesmaid in a June wedding so I am setting my goal for 20lbs lost by June 15. (12 weeks away =1.6? lbs a week) Wish me luck. I have another incentive, besides my overall health and the wedding. I got a motorcycle for Valentines Day! A cute little Suzuki 650 She's Buck Cherry Red and...I love her. Anyway if I am going to bomb around town I want to look thunder thighs on the bike...that's just not cool. So tonight weight watchers, tomorrow the gym, I can do this!!!!

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Chrissy said...

You absolutely can do this! I have gained about 40 pounds since moving here - I think they add some kind of supplement to the water in our little town! That's what I am sticking to!

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