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O' The Joys of Boys

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It just isn't going to happen. I may as well give up! I am the only girl in the household now that Britt has moved out, so I need to just accept the fact. Its really not a big deal...well...until I have unexpected company. If I know I am having company I can plan...or I could just scrub the toilet EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR..........NOT!!! I cannot keep the bathrooms clean. What do I do ? My vote is to have them all go outside. But we live in town...probably not a good idea. I could hire someone...too expensive. What else? I did invest in Clorox wipes. These handy wipes come in a nice tub that I keep under my sinks. Every time I use the bathroom I pull them out so I can wipe everything down before I sit down. They work quite well. Now I just need to train everyone else to use Clorox wipes. My Mother visited recently and I just told her where the wipes were and to use them . That's what I could do!! I'll post a sign in the bathroom for my guests!! Something like: This Home is Inhabited by Untidy Animals - Prior to Using This Bathroom We Suggest You Wipe Down The Seating Area With Clorox Wipes Located Under the Sink. I'll let you know how it works out........

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch