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I Dread This Day

This is the first day of the year that I really dread. My son Shane(16) returns to NY on this day. He will not be back until this summer. It takes me a few days before I can see through the dark clouds again. Then I can begin to look forward to summer and seeing him once again. Today will be a long day.......
I called my friend whose Father suddenly passed away, she wasn't at home. I did not leave a message... really, do you leave a condolence massege on an answering machine? I think not. I will try again this evening.
A friend from playgroup had her baby..... this is when I question life. Someone dies=one family is in such severe pain. Someone is born= one family is in such supreme utopia. Yet it is still not a balance.
For me death comes in threes. I am including Anna Nichole Simpson, My friend's Dad, that is 2, and who is next.... Usually it is 3 distant people or a mix of people in my neighborhood and family. I'll keep you posted.

So, for today I smile through the dark clouds, I focus on my two young sons at home. Pray I will never be separated from them like I am from Shane. Today I will listen, laugh and play...all day.


Chrissy said...

It sounds like an unpleasant Sunday all around. Maybe it was something in the water - or milk - or juice....
I pray that today will be a better day!
I have a delish recipe for you and will bring it to playgroup.

Lori said...

Hi Stacy,

I have been enjoying your blog. I have one comment. In reading your comments about stated you would never leave a condolence on a message machine. I have a different view. I lost my older sister very suddenly 13 years ago. Robyn was here on Monday morning, gone Monday afternoon...forever. I had a message machine at the time as I was living on my own. After dealing with so much utter sadness and compete despair, I couldn't answer the phone one more time and hear one more person crying on the other end leaving me to console them. Sometimes it is a welcome respite to hear a message of love and support. It is also a bit easier for the party on the other end as death is so hard for some. It is all very personal...on both ends.

Keep it up and have a great day!!


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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch