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I Did It!!!

I said I wouldn't do it, ever. But I did it. I separated the boys. I gave Will his own bedroom. Well now listen-it is only a bit self serving. Will(6) goes to sleep much better without Luke (2) talking and playing in his crib. And Luke sleeps longer in the morning without Will waking him up bright and early. For a few weeks now Will had been sleeping in one of the guest rooms. Yesterday I made it official by moving Will's clothes and desk. I made it clear to the boys that the toys stay in Luke's room-the designated toy room. A tip for setting up a child's room-When organizing a 6 year-old's chest of drawers use the bottom drawer for their underclothes. This makes it possible for your little person to be independent. A child can easily open their bottom drawer and see what they need. Versus the top drawer-which I used for articles of clothing that hardly are ever in need. I also use recycled Christmas shirt boxes and gift boxes as dividers in their drawers. The boxes fit in like puzzle pieces and are just the right size to hold children's little socks, undies, t-shirts... in a very organized manner. So we will see how it goes so far neither child seems to mind or miss one another. And everyone seems a bit more cheery in the morning. As for me I am feeling so organized and that feels sooo good!

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch