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Unbelievable Words

There are some words that were once the most unbelievable words I'd have ever heard.

10+ years ago my Father suddenly passed away. I was overwhelmed with grief. So much so I wanted to go to him in Heaven. Even though I was a Mother of two children I still thought I could-As I look back, I remember the words spoken to me by a close friend "This too shall pass". I couldn't understand why my friend was dismissing my feelings so unkindly.
Yesterday, I learned that my close friends Father passed away suddenly. As I think about what to say to my friend these words instantly come to my mind "This too shall pass".

I understand now what it meant. It is plain and simple. My body and mind was forced to adjust to my Dad being dead. It sounds so blatant and rough, but it is factual. As I adjusted to the fact the pain lessened and the intense feelings of dread, sadness and pure hate passed. I could look at the world around me again, never quite the same because a wonderful part of it was gone. For me it was like finally completing a project and hanging it on a wall, sure you might add to it and enhance it through the years(ie: babies, friends accomplishments....). Then someone dies and a huge chunk of your project is missing, ripped out while you stepped away for a moment. Now every time you look at it you see the torn out piece instead of looking at the whole project. It took me a long time to see the the whole thing, missing chunk and all. That was when I reached an acceptable point. A point where I could understand that yes, this too shall pass. So today when I talk to my friend I hope to say those words to her. For all I have is those words, a hug and the willingness to listen as she expresses her grief.

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