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A Tip...finally

IT'S FRIDAY !!!! To me it is comical how out-of-home working people worship Fridays. I look forward to EVERYDAY!! Each day brings a new experience and yes, each new day also brings challenges. Today's challenge: Grocery Shopping. Since January first I have been trying a new grocery system-so far I really like it. The system is easy and saves a ton of time. I spend about 1/2 an hour gathering 7 dinner recipes from the Internet and magazines. I make my grocery list from the recipe ingredients and I include an ongoing list of things I need. Then I separate the list into categories: ie: Frozen, Dairy... Then I shop and I actually stick to my list! For my family of 6 it is usually 4 at the dinner table I average $160.00 a week(Wal-Mart). Each night an hour before dinner I glance at my menu and select that nights dinner. I no longer waste a minute of my day struggling over what we will have for dinner, and I don't waste time running to the store mid-week. However, on Fridays Luke (2) and I trek off to the store, and that in itself , is my first of many challenges for the day!

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Chrissy said...

We should trade grocery lists! I do the same thing and keep my list on an excel spreadsheet - a bit nuerotic, but it saves time at wal-mart.

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch