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What?....Cloth Baby Diapers?...

Was Rome built in a Day? Nope, and I can't clean my entire house in one day either. But today is thursday and I am well rested ( and future stock holder in snore strips). So I am cleaning today, actually I am mad-crazy-cleaning-today. Or at least that is the plan. Tip: Cloth baby diapers cut in half fit very well on a swiffer. Spray the cloth with endust and dust mop all wood floors. (I wash my cloths and reuse them over and over) I learned this when I was broke and couldn't afford to buy refills for my swiffer. Actually it was around that same time of financial difficulty that I learned a lot about saving money, being expertly frugal and making things work with what I had on hand. A good label for me might be Creativly Frugal. However, I never warmed up to the idea of using vinegar and water as a cleaning solution, soap and water work just fine.

So on today's agenda is; carpool, music lesson, recycle center, Family Times newsletter, Lions Club business, Library business and something else....oh, All with a two-year-old in tow. I love it!!!

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Bri said...

Oh come on... you had a 19, 17, and 16 year old also in tow today!

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Summer on the back porch