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Whitcher Road renovation

If and when this house is torn down by any person now living or anyone yet to be born this little card is to say that I hope you don’t have the fun, trouble expense and experiences I had when I built (it). I bought this land, cleared the woods, dug cellar, erected this little home for my children to live in.  I wonder if they will ever appreciate the fact.
I am not a carpenter, being a painter by trade. Building this by what little I know. So don’t make to much fun of my work.  I have 3 children living now.
       Alice Mae Jennings     Age      12
       Robert Donald                      8
       Richard Arthur                      7
Pearl Jennings                       30 my wife
I wonder what things will come until this card is found, in this country.
This card is left by the builder and owner P. G. “Buster” Jennings 1938

The card was found during a bedroom/bathroom renovation in September 2013

75 years later

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch