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Word Play

Yesterday I listened from the bathroom at the top of the stairs as my boys played together at the bottom. Will 6.5 was telling Luke 2.5 "play with that properly." Luke replied "what does that word mean". Will stated again "Luke, you need to play with IT PROPERLY!" Luke responds "WHAT DOES PROPERLY MEAN". Will says "PROPERLY!" This goes on for a bit they are getting nowhere I and I feel a knockdown approaching. I yell down "Will, tell him to play with the toy the RIGHT way." Before I could finish I hear Luke say "OH, properly ! IT means play the right way-sorry Will." How did kids get so smart! It's not just my kids..I hear amazing language from little kids all the time...I feel I should treat my kids like kids...however when I speak with them I talk as if I am talking to another adult. No baby talk or dumbing things way down for them. I f they don't understand something they will ask. This practice has an impact on their vocabulary and their levels of understanding. And from what I am hearing out of children's mouths I am not alone.....

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Chrissy said...

I can attest to this! Luke's vocab has impressed me for sometime!!!

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