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What to paint?

I haven't really painted anything in about 7 years. Well, that is not entirely true. I 've done a few watercolors and played around here and there with the kids. But I haven't really painted anything worth while in a long time.
A friend who is a novice photographer sends me pictures every now and again. Usually of flowers or a landscape. The picture above is an edited picture of bleeding hearts..I love it! I have been trying for a bout 2 weeks now to paint it.....with no luck.
I am motivated and inspired and that was all it usually took for me to create something that I felt pleased with. When I complete a painting I just file them away in a big leather carrier......they are just for me...then about once a year I pull them out and look at them...I can always remember what sparked my effort to sit for hours ..for days...and work on a piece. In most cases I am working out a problem and the time alone with paint helps me process. Maybe that is it! I don't have a huge problem to consider..........hmmmmm.......

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch