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I'M BACK!!!!!

I took a much needed blogger break...and I am back. I must admit it was kinda nice to free up some mind space for the past 10 days.

When I am not blogging like crazy other things get done. Like I cleaned my laundry room. Mali's kennel is in there and she doesn't really use it any more so I took it down and found enough dog hair to make another whole dog. Ick! I also started another pair of socks. Awhile back I bought to skeins of merino wool (12$ a pop) with all this extra time I started knitting.

I am working for a landscaping company 2 mornings a week and have been exploring my back to school options. I'm kinda in a funk! I feel like I gotta be doing some things for me...sound selfish? I don't mean too. I just do so much stuff for my family, the library, the opera house, the town......and I'm feeling like..Hey! whatta 'bout me? I have reconnected with some friends from my past and it feels like it is 10 years ago when we get

I have met with an advisor and I can go back to school a night or two a week in the fall. Classes are 672$ which is a lot more than they used to I'll work extra this summer and hopefully take some classes in the fall. I found some interesting art classes at Fletcher Farm in VT...they are pretty 35$ for some. It's just things like the gas to Ludlow and buying materials. Ben says "just go" but I am the I feel like I can't just go. I got get a sitter, I gotta make sure there is food in the house, I gotta take the car seats out of the car...I gotta do this and that. It's so much work just to get ready to go. Whenever Ben wants to do something it is pretty much just get in the car and go...he has me to take care of kinda stinks sometimes. It's not forever before I know it my kids will be grown and all have so much free time I won't know what to do with it!

I defiantly have a job at school in the fall I just don't know what I will be doing. Either teaching kindergarten or in some other capacity. Luke is all set at the Montessori school I just need to find a sitter for after school.

Well, thanks for listening to me vent....more upbeat post to follow...I promise......

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch