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It Does What?

It's true, my household has been without a set of scales for years!! Sometimes I just float around on the theory that if I can't see how much I weigh ...well...then my weight just doesn't exist.

Scale It all started Sunday morning when I set out for a short run....or so I thought. I haven't run in over a month. No big deal, I'll just start out slow and let my body decide how far and how fast I will go. It was rainy and cool, perfect conditions for a great run, seriously. The dry heat make running near impossible for me! So it's 7:ish and I am in full gear...hat, ipod and yes.. spandex(long jacket to cover my butt)..and I'm off. Running I run/walk to the covered bridge and run back home. I stop twice to check on a developing blister......When I get home I eat an egg and some pineapple...then it hits me. A massive stomache ache. I sat in the shower hoping it would pass. No such luck, the next thing I knew I was leaning over the toilet heaving like a teenager at their first real party. It was bad.......Luke had been sick so I thought maybe I caught something from him. I went to church feeling, well, quite green and nauseous. After talking to a friend at church about my morning run I thought maybe I should clock my short run...maybe it WAS a bit more than just a couple of miles. So later in the day after a visit to the grocery store, job lots and a quick stop at a friends I drove my route to see how far it was. Well......3.3 miles no big deal....ONE WAY!! So I ran 6.6 I crazy!!!! I can't run like that...or at least I haven't in years. So needless to say..I was sick because I over did it! My legs are sore ...but I can't wait to do it again.....go figure..... So now back to the scales..I bought a set and placed them neatly in my kitchen...and they are there to stay. It is working...Each time I see them I think about the food choices I am making...and it does help me to make better choices and its fun I am still trying to explain to Luke exactly what a scale does...any ideas on how to explain weight to a 2 year old would be greatly appreciated!

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Chrissy said...

i could use some serious running myself. I have gotten out of control. Maybe the scale in the kitchen is a good idea. Of course, I can see timmy picking it up and throwing it all over the place!

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Summer on the back porch