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48 hours...........

I survived the weekend.....ALONE!! Ben and the kids went up North to camp for the entire weekend. They left Friday night around7ish and returned Sunday nightby 8. So I had 48 hours to do what ever I wanted whenever I wanted to do it!!!

My weekend went like this;Friday night right after they left I went and ...what else? Washed my car, inside and out! This is the only time since October (when I got my car) that I did not have one or both car seats in it! And you know what a pain that latch thingy can be. And I had 2 days to enjoy a clean car, a rarity! After that I went and saw Britt at work, picked up some shrimp lo mein at the local Chinese restaurant and went home to eat. Around 9:00pm I went to Britt's house and she and I went to Wal-Mart until 11:30 pm. I spent $1.50 she spent...well...a bit more than that. Home and in bed around midnight. Saturday I awoke at 8:17am....I slept was soooo nice! I went downstairs to discover no COFFEE! No Ben=NO COFFEE. So I got in my car (in my PJ's) and drove to McD's and got a coffee and a milk(for my raisin bran). Came home sat on the couch and sipped coffee and read a magazine without any interruptions...ahhhhhh. The phone rang...I chit chatted with a dating friend...always interesting. She invited me out later...mmmmm...we'll see....I spent a couple of hours on the computer..yes trying to make some extra cash....Then I went to church to do what I do best...ended up there much longer than I had anticipated. Home for a quick nap , a shower, then to Hubert's and then to the wedding shower. A Jack & Jill shower and my coffee making Jack was 3 hours north. I stayed for a few hours but was the first one to leave. I came home walked my dog and went to bed (10ish). Sunday I awoke at has been years maybe even decades since I slept past 9:00....nice. But I did jump out of bed when I saw how late it was. I made it to church on time and said my sobbing farewells to our departing Minister. After church Britt and Scoot treated me to brunch...then it was back to church for a once over before the week begins. Home for a quick nap...(hey, I gotta nap when I can) then work...laundry, dishes, mowing, hosing pollen off the back name it I probably cleaned it today. Britt and Scoot came over around 5 and we waited for the gang to return so we could celebrate Fathers Day...Dad got a fancy new came with a burner so you can boil or fry or whatever while you Ben and the boys came along by 8. Not too much excitement...they did go fishing...Luke and Grandpa caught one fish but it was too small so they threw it back. They were more interested in knowing what Mom did all weekend with a small smile I replied honestly...."not much....really."


Chrissy said...

Awesome and Decadent!!!!

Dopey said...

WOO sounds like a relaxing time! I took a cruise in April, no kids no hubby! Let me tell ya, cruise mode will stay with you for weeks!


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