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Working Moms Schedule

Alarm Clock Up by 6:30am . Today I was wide awake bright and early so I got up at 5:00am. I shower and get dressed right away. Mine and the kids clothes are laid out the night before. (ideally) Then I go downstairs turn on the teapot and start up the computer. I unload the dishwasher and the dryer while I wait for the water to boil. Coffee I mix my cappuccino in the hot water and while it sets/cools down I make pancakes Pancakes (every am.....they go in the microwave...much easier) for the boys and get their drinks ready. By now it is about 10 of seven, yes I CAN really move that fast in the morning. It beats the alternative of getting up earlier! I take my cappuccino into the living room and sit and sip in the quiet for ten minutes then I go upstairs and get Will up. Now, this is key to our success, Will gets out of bed when I coax him with Making The Bed "mommy will make your bed if you get right up and get dressed". He will try to get downstairs to breakfast without getting dressed...that will lead to disaster! So Will gets dressed while I make his bed then he goes down to eat...SUCCESS! I either slip back into the living room, eat with Will or do my hair during this time. By 7:30 if Luke hasn't already come downstairs I get him up. Luke eats breakfast right away and I get him dressed, washed, & teeth Brushing brushed in the kitchen right after. Will is usually done eating by the time Luke arrives at the table. So Will is off to wash up and brush his teeth! There is no TV in the am. The boys would watch a movie when they were all ready to go...but the usually ended in a struggle when it was time for us to head out the we don't do that anymore. Lunches were made the night before so I only add the ice pack to each of them and I double check that everyone has what they need. Let Mali back in, I let her out and feed her somewhere during the am routine. By 7:45 we are all ready to get in the car, we pick up our carpool kid and we are off to Luke's school for 8:00 am arrival and then to work/Will's school by 8:15.

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Chrissy said...

Busy, busy day! But it's nice that each day is full of new things. It really rushes by.

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch