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In The Working World....again!

Teacher I love my new job...... Tuesday I started teaching PreK/K I am overlapping with the current teacher who is expecting her first baby June 1. The kids are so much fun..the day is structured so well it seems as if we just get started and the day is over! Luke loves daycare...we call it Luke's School. They went on a field trip today at a local nursery. Luke searched for blue flowers and had to be sure every other child saw his blue one was leaving until they laid eyes on Luke's blue flowers. Will likes having Mom in the classroom all day. I wasn't so sure how this would work out...but it has been great so far. Will does his thing and I do mine. He wanders over to me every now and then to grab a quick cuddle. I love it..Will is 6.5 those cuddles won't last he wants to cuddle with Mom in full view of his classmates! I know those days are numbered! Tomorrow we go on a trip to the farm to set our ducks free. That should be interesting. Starting Monday I will be doing most of the teaching in the classroom...I can't wait. I really have forgotten how wonderful it is to interact with a group of eager children! Wish me luck.....

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch