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Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? Good question, I passed myself on the road today, I mean figuratively, of course. I have been running in all directions this past week. I forgot how time consuming work can be. I thought going back to work would be a breeze...... everything would just fall into place.....HA! What I did forget totally is that when I taught before I wasn't on any committees, and I did not have small kids at home to take care of. This is a whole different ballgame! It is a good experience, I am only teaching until the end of the school year...June15. I do love it , but I also feel that I really want to be home more than I am. I worked 3 jobs, went to college and got Britt everywhere she had to go.........and I can't be stretched that thin again. It is just not healthy for me ...I want to enjoy my kids as much as I can when they are little...I missed out on so much when Brittni and Shane we kids....I feel as if I have been given another chance and I want to be there. With all that said....i have been offered another job...4 hours a day 5 days a week. Extra hours required when events are planned...hmmmmm. The pros...I know exactly what the expectations are...I have had an interest in the position from afar for some time now.....the pay is good the hours are good...I would be done work by lunch time......I could walk to work.........hmmmmm. The cons...during the summer/school vacations I would need to find childcare for 4.5 hours each day..... I would be away from my kids for 4 hours each weekday ...UGH!!! I don't know...I just tried to talk with Ben about it to get his thoughts, but he went to bed at 8:00pm and wasn't really alert enough to be helpful. So I will think about this some more......I do like working...and I do like being working part time a good compromise?


Chrissy said...

Oh, I was just where you are about 2 months ago. It gets easier and now I am happy with my situation and look at with peace knowing that I made the right decision.
Where is the new hob offer? The location will help me get excited or tell you no go.
I assume I will see you Saturday at the 40th b-day party??? I haven't seen you in so long, it will be nice to catch up.

Tracy said...

Decisions, Decisions... I know what you mean. I need to decide if I'm going to work in the Fall - full time or part time? I suppose the question is - What is best for your family?

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch