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Sunny Yep, summer is here...I am so thankful for a beautiful weekend....not only the weather but also the family time and the company! It was all wonderful, low keyed and best of all... relaxing! With that said...this gonna be a bit crazy. There won't be too much time for relaxing...nor will there be until the 15th...Then things might just get totally crazy! A new job may start for me on the following Monday...with lots to learn...but promises to be a fun challenge...summer camps, music lessons along with advanced teaching for Will and Luke. My goal is to teach Luke how to write his name. Luke knows the alphabet, can recognize most this summer we will continue to work on his writing skills. Will is a great reader , but we will still add to his current vocabulary. I will also take Will to the next step in math. Addition and subtraction with double digits..maybe...We will work just a few hours a week in a fun setting. Last year anytime we took a picnic (just me & the boys) which was about once a week, I would bring along flash cards and Will could practice. One time I forgot the cards and Will was really upset with me. We will also spend some time at the beach and going on a few outings. I really want to go to the Eric Carle museum in Mass. and a few other places NO theme parks for us...I just can't do that anymore...maybe when they are teens...but not now... Britt and Shane begged me to take them to Water Safari, Great Escape, Six Flags....and about a dozen other places...when they were younger...I am hoping I can get away with NOT doing that with Will & Luke.....ahhhh I come!!!

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Chrissy said...

Another new job? I can't keep up. I missed seeing you at Paula's party on Saturday.

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch