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Who throws a cupcake....honestly!

You know what I am talking about...people that do...well...stupid stuff. I drives me crazy...sometimes I just's just funny. Other times I am shocked. My niece walked half a mile to her Moms job to see if her mom could help her get into her car...yep...she locked her keys in her car. Her Mom was not able to leave work so they paged her Dad, a vending machine repair man. Who just happened to be in another county and was NOT pleased about driving 30 some miles to help out his irresponsible daughter. My niece walks back to her car and tries some more to get in up.. and waits patiently for her father to arrive. About an hour later Dad arrives to hopefully save the day! He walks up to the car and walks slowly around to the passenger side with a look of absolute shock ...with out saying a word he bends over and unlocks her door through the wide open passenger side window then gets in his van and goes back to work!!! Honestly!!!!!!!

The shocking story is ...well.... Shocking may not describe the reaction you will have to this story. Of course if you’re heartless, soulless and more uncaring about a clump of wet dirt than the state of the world we live in, you might find it funny. But to the rest of you, just read it…
PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Boston Herald] — A Rhode Island mom turned shoplifting into a family affair, cops say, making her 13-year-old and two other teens to do her dirty work at a North Attleboro Target and ditching the kids as cops closed in.
Authorities held Lorie A. Folcarelli, 43, of Providence on $3,000 cash bail after she pleaded innocent Wednesday in Attleboro District Court, denying all knowledge of the sticky-fingered caper. All were charged with larceny, while Folcarelli is also charged with driving without a license and contributing to the delinquency of minors, said North Attleboro police Detective Michael Elliott. “She claims she didn’t have any knowledge of what they were doing.”
How cruel and uncaring can one mother be? Not only does she get her kids to shoplift but she leaves them at the scene. Someone won’t be getting a card on Mothers’ Day. Honestly!!!!!!!

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