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12 Items That Should Not Go in a Dishwasher

Washing Dishes

The forceful action, hot water and alkaline detergent in a dishwasher can be harmful to some items. Here are the ones to be considered with caution:

1)Hand-painted or antique china should not be washed in the dishwasher. Color may be removed by the high water temperature and alkaline solution in the dishwasher.

2)Plastics: Many plastics are dishwasher safe and remain more stainfree than when hand washed. There are other types of plastics that are heat-sensitive and may melt and warp. Check care instructions on the plastic item. If in doubt, try one. Some may be labeled "top rack only" to keep them away from the heating element at the bottom of the tub. When the dry cycle is not used, they can usually be dishwasher washed if they are heavy enough to withstand the washing action without moving around in the tub.

3)Decorated Glasses: Metal trim and colorful enamel decorations on glassware will often fade in time when washed in a dishwasher.

4)Delicate Crystal: Some very fine crystal can break either from sudden exposure to very hot water or from being bumped or toppled.

5)Hollow-handled Knives: Older flatware may have glued handles which could be loosened by the heat.

6)Wooden items, including knife handles, will lose their finish, dry out, crack and warp.

7)Aluminum Utensils: Aluminum, with a colored or metallic copper or gold look usually on the lids of pans and molds, has a thin anodized coat that is not dishwasher safe. The harder gray or charcoal-colored anodic finish applied inside and out to some of the professional type cookware can also be permanently damaged. Plain aluminum will darken when exposed to water, some foods, detergents, and alkaline cleaners such as ammonia or a heated solution of baking soda and water. The degree of discoloration depends partly on the length of contact and metal (some alloys are more resistant). Aluminum can be washed in the dishwasher if the discoloration or the necessity of additional cleaning with steel wool or an acid cleaner is not objectionable.

8)Milk glass: Heat may cause yellowing.

9)Cast Iron: Do not wash in a dishwasher all the seasoning will be removed and rusting will occur.

10)Cutlery It is safer to wash kitchen knives by hand since the handles may not be dishwasher safe, and blades can be a hazard in the loading or unloading.

11) Dirilyte (TM) Gold color will be removed.

12)Pewter Will stain, discolor and pit.

BONUS: You CAN wash your silver in the dishwasher...however do NOT let it touch your stainless steel utensils, that will cause tarnishing.


Tracy said...

Thanks for the helpful info. :)

Editor, Family Times said...

Hi Tracy...
Your is a bit dry...but also helpful!!

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