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Mom on Duty 24/7 plus overtime

Fun at Camp
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MOM ON DUTY...that is my sign. Glowing 24/7 like a neon diner light on route 66. How come there is not a sign that reads MOM OFF DUTY....? BECAUSE we are NEVER OFF DUTY!!!!It's the hard truth. Even when Dad is home...even when we are at camp and everyone is miles away on the snowmobiles...Moms are still on duty. When our kids are with us we take's automatic. When are kids are not with us we worry....also automatic. There is no off duty switch. So let me share my weekend being on what I'd call overtime. We all went to camp this weekend. We made the 3 hour trek up north with Britt, Scoot(boyfriend), Will, Luke, Mali, Ben and I all in the same vehicle, packed in so tight it was difficult to make an accurate head count. The snow mobiles in tow we headed up the highway taking in the scenery (mostly brown grass and patches of mud). We got plenty of odd know.."where are those fools going to snowmobile?" or "It's a long way to Alaska, and your going in the wrong direction!" . Well when we got to camp guess what! There WAS snow! I was skeptical. We could not trail ride but the 50 acres around camp was scattered with snow, enough to ride. An the weather, what a bonus! 50+ degrees. It was sunny and clear, just beautiful for riding! So we enjoyed a weekend of snowmobiling, good old fashioned sledding (we did ride the snowmobiles back up the long hill) lots of napping and eating. The overtimes comes into the picture now.....when we are at camp everyone stays up late and gets up early. I know...doesn't make sense does it? The other thing is that the first night at camp no one gets hardly any sleep. Understand now why there is so much napping(only by the big people nap...little people are too excited to nap) So instead of 10 or so hours of sleep for the kids it gets reduced to about 6. This makes little people cranky. Which in turn makes big people cranky. So Mom gets cranky.....and hence...overtime, working extra hard extra long hours. We are working on this, we got home unpacked, gave the boys PB & J for supper a good bath and it is 7:32pm and they are off to bed! Still I can smile when I reflect on this past weekend...and we all came home in one piece...Despite Will's driving lessons on
the snowmobile. He hasn't quite got the hang of how hard to squeeze, or not to squeeze-the accelerator. Despite... Ben's cooking (just kidding) Despite Luke's constant inclination to leave the porch when no one is outside with him. Despite Brittni's thoughts on how to handle spiders, chamber flies, porcupines and other camp critters.

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch