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Whose Got Your Back?

Do you have someone you can call when you're in a pickle? How about two people you can call, you know, when you really you need help with something? How about 3 people? Can you name three people that you can call and say "hey I'm doing this thing, and well, If I do it alone it will take all night, could you come right now and help out for an hour or so? Okay name four people? Can you do it. Remember this isn't anything life threatening, it just you calling on friends for last minute help? Well, if you can you are sooo lucky! I feel like the luckiest person right now. Earlier tonight, right at supper time to be exact, I found myself in a bit if a pickle. I needed to get 350ish letters, return envelopes, newsletters, membership forms, all organized and into the mail for tomorrow. My appointed help was unable to make it so.......... I made some phone calls and guess what? Everybody I called, except one ( she was running an errand in another town...she's excused), came right away. WOW! and I am realizing there were more people I could have called but too many people would have been difficult to manage. I am so thankful, and might I the ready for when I am called upon... Thanks guys--You're the BEST next time I got your back!!!

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Chrissy said...

You can call me for things like that anytime too!

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Summer on the back porch