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Another Day In Paradise.....

Today was GREAT...okay not great but pretty darn good. There is always that tinge of uneasiness on Friday the13th. Come on.................. I grew up watching those Friday the 13th movies. That crap sticks with you.

The day started with errands, then playgroup, then more errands, then nap time....then work (from home) I have been planning a Library fundraiser. Unlike last year I am planning a raffle , of sorts. All I need to do is collect prizes and sell tickets. Last year I did that plus organized a duck race down the Sugar River. It was a lot for me to undertake. So this year I promised myself I would try to scale things down a bit but still bring in the $$$$. So I have 30 days of prizes. You donate $5.00 for a ticket, the drawing begins on September1 and a winning ticket is drawn everyday for 30 days. Each winner goes back in the drawing and could win again and again all month long! Prizes are donated from area businesses! Simple...yes? Fun...yes? YES....but also time consuming. Tuesday morning I will be on talk radio to begin promoting the Lucky Duck Sweepstakes Tickets/Library Fundraiser. I have been fielding calls from businesses who are donating items. Besides this I am on several other committees that require my time and energy. It's exciting and tiring all in one, with all of this I am trying to maintain my blogs. I am almost ready to put my local interest blog into a .com and sell advertising!! I probably could have already done that but I have so many other commitments. My goal in life was to become a Philanthropist (def. providing charitable assistance) so I guess I have reached my goal. Although I kinda thought I'd marry rich and sit around eating bon bons while my personal assistant wrote out fat checks to organizations. hmmmmmmmmmm...

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Chrissy said...

Marrying rich...a fantasy of mine from long ago too. Too bad I didn't lose the bon bons with the fantasy!

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Summer on the back porch