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A Mix............

Well, Sunday was a mix. The time change definitely effected me. Seeing how I totally forgot, as well as my husband. I kinda threw our afternoon into a rushed mess. We made it to the party on time and the kids really had a great day. Just getting there was stressful. We managed. It was another day with Dad at home , he even went to the party and watched the boys so I could hold my friends new baby-for 2 whole hours-it was wonderful-I even got to feed her:) We enjoyed a late afternoon movie and ate dinner a 7:30. No one got up on time this morning but really what is one late day in the whole scheme of things?

I bet you are wondering how My Life Changing In 3 Easy Steps thingy is going. Well I am not taking second helpings at meals, however I did notice I loaded my plate pretty heavy last night. So next month I will add -"I will not overload my plate" to my ongoing list of healthy changes. I did exercise today at the gym and yesterday I walked around Wal-Mart for 2 hours. I am really trying not to complain about my schedule...that is the really tough one. I am glad I was specific about what I was complaining of or it would be impossible. I never realized what a complainer I am. I think I will spread that change over many months. After all I don't want to get too discouraged.

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Chrissy said...

Wal-Mart for 2 hours??? How is that possible?
I have lots of exercise videos - you are welcome to borrow some (obviously I am not using them)!

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