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MISSION:Potty Training STATUS: Complete

I think we did it! Like(2) has gone 10 days without any accidents. I have made this announcement before and on the same day Luke peed his pants. However, it is with utmost confidence that I make this claim. How you ask? Well, it began a year ago in March 2006 Luke was 18 months old. I had just read an amazing article in Parents Magazine about potty training infants! I thought it seemed a bit extreme , but I like crazy and Luke wasn't quite an infant . Luke could walk and talk and he would follow us all into the bathroom to inquire on our doings. So, I took off his diaper introduced him to the potty chair.We (yes, my husband had a role in this-you MUST work as a team to be successful) didn't push Luke we let him take control of sitting and standing and peeing and pooing -many times it landed next to the potty. He wore underwear during the day and pull-ups for nap and overnight. There were lots of accidents. We told Luke "we don't pee or poo in our Big Boy underwear," and said no more. When he used the potty (with undies down), just as a chair or to go poo or pee, we gave him a reward. That enticed him to sit on the potty more. We had to be really patient...I mean really, really patient. No matter how frustrated we got WE DID NOT PUT HIM IN A DIAPER! IT HAS TAKEN A YEAR, BUT WE HAVE NOT PURCHASED DIAPERS FOR 12 MONTHS! A package of pull-ups would typically last a month. We figured we saved well over$400.00!! And seriously -there were a lot of accidents. When Luke used the potty successfully all day long we started to take the pull-ups away. This was the longest part of potty training. For months he only had occasional accidents in his pull-ups. We took nap time pull-ups way first. When Luke could make it through nap time dry then we gave him a week or so before we took his bedtime pull-ups away. Some days he would be totally dry in the morning other days he would be soaking wet. Then we did it, we used the last pull-up and vowed to buy no more -no matter what happened. So, sometimes Luke peed in his underwear at bedtime. We changed his bedding, sanitized his crib mattress, and told him he could get a big boy bed when he did not pee in his underwear. Gradually over about 3 months he had less in less accidents in bed and he has been dry for 10 consecutive days, YEAH!!!!
It can be done.. but YOU need to be committed. Happy Training:)

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Chrissy said...

We have been working with Timmy since September. When you first brought Luke the house, you gave my mom a mission. It has been very slow going, but we are getting there without pressure. Now, he seems to be going through a phase where he doesn't want to try???

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