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Brittni did it!!! Yeah!!!

My brilliant daughter got my pictures on my blog. She showed me (3 times) how to do it. But, hmmmmm not sure I remember. She also changed a lot on the site and I like it! I guess it is up to me now to write and update. I can do that.

Shane didn't get up until 12:30pm. Must be nice. He slept through all the chaos this morning. Nothing bothers him. Will went to the doctors today he is still having some trouble with strep throat. I was diagnosed with strep yesterday but poor Will has had it for almost 2 weeks now. Luke was complaining that his ear hurts , it is red and tender, but he does not have a fever. Whew! I think it will be another long night. I did but some snore strips for Ben to try tonight. If the strips work I will have a good nights sleep to look forward to when everyone is feeling better. Yeah!! Wish me luck.

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch