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What exactly is 40 like?

What exactly is 40 like?

I have asked this question for five years...

...I have received answers like;
 -no different from 30
-everything goes downhill
-40 will be whatever you make it to be
-you will feel the same, but you will look different far they are all right... some days  I feel 30..some days I feel 12!

Many of my days being 40 have been complete different from the 39 years leading up to turning 40.

On strong good days I still can make my day turn out the way I want it to, my attitude is what makes all the difference.

Sure I look different on the some ways I think I look better than I ever have.

My answer to the question; What exactly is 40 like?

When you are 40 your confidence level is elevated to a place where, when aligned with a positive attitude, you will feel great from the inside and that will show on the outside..... younger people will wonder what you are up to.  Older people will smile and secretly whisper "welcome, this is the most fulfilling time in your life."

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch