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I'm sorry.......

Okay, I just read my blog and...I'm sorry! I have gotten so far away from my original intent. When I started blogging almost a year ago I had hoped to share the following: Tips, tricks, tried and true strategies to get through the days peacefully. Hmmm....not sure that is what I have been doing. So here are some tips...

1. Let IT go...really whatever IT is let IT go! 99.9% of the time IT is nothing so do not waste time on IT!

2. Smiles are contagious, just like good deeds, Random Acts of Kindness and chocolate cravings...yes all contagious so SHARE!!!! It is exponential happiness.

3. Do your laundry daily, letting it pile up just brings you down when you are late for work and out of clean underwear or worse yet there is no clean gym clothes for your 7 year old on gym day...just don't do that to your kid!

4. Buy healthy food and pack your kids lunch with healthy food...please....we have school snack as a class in my room and every 4th week I have lunch duty . I cannot stress enough how helpful (and Healthy) it is to not have to explain to little Katie that she didn't get a twinkie like her friend did ...BECAUSE HER MOM CARES ABOUT HER HEALTH, and her teeth and..blah...blah...blah!!! Kids compare lunches like some adult compare automobiles.....lets just all be on the same page...a sandwich, pretzels, cherry tomatoes, cheese stick, fruit (fresh fruit, not old, dried and flattened).

5. Listen more talk less...get a blog for venting...but really... listen to people when they talk....yes, this is easier said than done....I try...hard...and when I can do it is is very rewarding......

6. Go to a reputable website and read about the Saints....who cares what your religion is these are fantastic, uplifting TRUE stories. When you find a Saint you really admire more than any other take 3 characteristics from that Saint and try to replicate them in your daily life.

7. This is the final tip for today.....always remember that we are all, everyone of us, are doing the best we can...... even when we stray far from our original intent...we make it back eventually.

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch