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Cars, Cars, Cars!!!!!

Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy
Our driveway has 4 cars in it. We have only 2 licensed drivers in our household; my husband and myself. So why 4 automobiles? No we are not running a used auto dealership, we are LAZY!!!!!You know that house you pass on your annual trip to find the perfect Christmas tree, or to Auntie Linda's on Thanksgiving, the house you pass with all the cars around it. Only the cars are in the exact same spot they were in last year? Well that is kinda like our house, only we start and move the cars around often so it doesn't look exactly like that familiar scene. However I am sick or it! They must go!!

Last October we added car number 4 to our collection. I spent a month test driving all kinds of new cars and ended up buying the very first cay I test drove. I love the car...but I despise the $622.00 monthly payment. Especially when I have a 98 Volvo, 96 Suburban sitting in my driveway that I have a zero monthly payment for. Yes, I am considering a visit to the shrink! We didn't need another car let alone a brand new is soooo nice though!

So....we will sell the 06 Pacifica (Touring's got just about every option) and maybe the 96 Suburban.........maybe all of them......I really like horses. Horseback Riding

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch