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Look Back

During this past summer the boys and I have hiked the Mountain 3 times. We have not made it to the summit , nor was reaching the top our initial goal. When we have hiked we have met couples who are in disbelief that we hike with a 6 and 2 year old. They scratch their heads a little when we explain we do not plan on making it to the top. We hike to see the bugs and frogs, to get exercise and mainly to familiarize our boys with Mother Nature. The boys are the determining factor on just how far we make it up the Mountain. We do push a little....we try to use positive reinforcement and constant encouragement. They LOVE it! And every now and again they will sit down on the trail to rest. The funny thing is they always turn around and face down the mountain when they sit and take a break. They like to see where they have been and reflect on the hard work it took to get them to where they are. When rest time is over they stand up, still facing down hill, and quickly swing around and make their way up the mountain. It is a good practice , I think, to take a good long look at where you have been...........and don't fret or dwell on the steepness of the future. Just stand up , swing around and.....GO!

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch