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Can't Sleep....

Well, I could sleep, actually I WAS sleeping!! Until a cute little 2 year old climbed in bed with me at 12:19a.m. UGH!!!! He stayed for a few minutes and then I said"time to go back to your bed" and without a single word he slipped out of my bed, climbed back into his own bed and in a matter of minutes was sound asleep. And there I lay wide awake for ..a really long time!! I finally decide to get up...I take Harry Potter book #6 and go downstairs. The book sits next to me #7 stares at me from the book shelf. I am anxious to read the final book, but it has been almost 2 years since I read book 6 and I really do not remember everything. So I will re-read book 6 and plow right into book 7, hopefully before the ending gets generated...I don't want the end to be spoiled for me.....I updated NHFamilyTimes blog..and for you locals there is a ton of stuff to do in August...most of it is free too. 3 nights a week you can treat your family to a free concert on either the Newport common, Sunapee Harbor or at the Flat in Wilmot!!! Go to and check it out!!! For me, I am going to curl up in the living room with Harry Potter, I've only got about 500pages to go.......................

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch