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I'm going in..........

Just a quick post is way too nice out to sit at the computer for very long.

Teacher I have an announcement to make......There has been a strange epidemic going around that I have been able to avoid until now. One by one my stay at home Mom friends have been returning to work, most of them on a part time basis. However a few have returned to work full time......and yesterday I joined them. I do not actually start until the 15th but I accepted the position yesterday. That's right I am back in the work force. Guess what.... I am doing the one thing I said I would never return too......Well, I actually said "I will NEVER teach in a public school again" so I didn't really go back on what I said. Starting Tuesday I will be the Kindergarten teacher at a private school. There are 12 little cuties in the class, a combination prek/k class. I have enrolled Luke in daycare...ugh! His first time in a structured daycare. Will is going to and from school with Mom everyday, he is more excited than I am! This could turn into a full time teaching position in the fall......we will see... Wish me luck!!!!


Chrissy said...

Congratulations! It's an epidimic??? I guess times are tight, so we all need to do what we can to help the families.
I enjoyed my time teaching in public school, and often thought I would want to sub at the schools here - but I needed something more stable at this point in my life.

Timmy is doing so fantastic in daycare, and he is learnign quite a bit. I bet Luke will do well too.

Stacy said...

Thanks!!!! It's just until the end of the school year. I don't imagine I will get a permenant position. I would have to pass the Roman-Catholic test.

I just came from a meeting where about a dozen of well educated people(from town) had nothing positive to say about the schools here...I hope it's changing though....I think that raising the taxes will help, but I am not alone in my thoughts of how difficult it can be to teach in a public school nowadays. But it is nice to hear that you are willing....we need more of you.....

I am glad to hear that Timmy is doing so well. We have visited Cinnamon Street twice and both times I could have left Luke there...when we had to leave he went kicking and screaming!

PS We still drink "Timmy's Juice" around here . If I say Fruit20 no one knows what I am talking about.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Congrats! And Kindergarten!!! You lucky duck, you! HAVE FUN!!

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