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Going Somewhere?

Map Okay, Britt and her boyfriend are planning a trip.'s actually all planned now. They are headed to Florida for ten days. Lucky them. What we needed to know..I say we because Britt assumed I would help the most economical way to go. They needed everything from transportation to the airport, airline tickets, transportation to Disney, Hotel accommodations, theme park tickets you name it. Every aspect of there trip needed to be laid our for them. Remember they are 19, and 21, plus this is there first trip withOUT parental accompaniments. UGH!!! So after much checking around, phone calls to area travel agents (EXPENSIVE) she was able to get some help from a friend who had recently planned a vacation of her own. Knowing this I have GREAT news! There is a website called that walks you through the entire process of planning your vacation. The site is amazing. They can book your entire vacation as a package or just airfare, just accommodations, just your rental. do it all or just some of it , you decide. If you are traveling internationally they will even tell you what you must have to travel in any given country. The site asks you every pertinent question about your trip to ensure you get exactly what you want, right down to the immensities offered at hotels. Probably the very best part, well next to the low price is have a HUMAN available to talk to you and answer any questions! Thats right for round-the-clock help, call toll free at 1-(866) 270-5932. For international calls, contact 001 (702) 939-2596. For self service or e-mail support, visit the online customer support center. Leery of using your credit card on the computer you are protected by the credit card guarantee and a privacy policy. Some things sound too good to be is the real deal. I know we will use it for our next family vacation.

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch