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The Holidays Are Over For Now

I must say I do enjoy April through November...a lot! There really are no major Holidays... not any that include mass amounts of energy and thought. The preparation that goes along with holidays is just exhausting. I find it more and more difficult to enjoy the day when I am stressed out trying to produce a couple of quiche while I do all of my regular chores, buy the holiday requirements and on and on.... So I am thinking of a change.... the problem is getting others to change with me. My mother said she never minded all the cooking, cleaning, shopping that she did for 6 kids, and our spouses, our children. But she would be a bear during those times. I don't want to be a bear. I want to enjoy the holidays. So I will cook, or buy....probably buy something for a holiday. Unless I can convince all parties to go out for dinner (my dream). I will not stress about what my kids are wearing . I will instead focus on how much fun they are having! I will try to plan gifts better and ahead of time. And I plan on scaling way back on the gifts too. My childhood memories don't really include many presents only 1 or 2 that I can even remember. When I think of childhood holidays I remember my family altogether and a lot of food and yes, my Mom being a bit stressed. I want my kids to remember us being together and having fun. Maybe an Easter egg hunt in the woods next year with a simple picnic lunch --all pre-bought! YUM!

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch