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Warm weather is so energizing. More so to children I think. Yesterday was spent pretty much like the day before...outside. My kids love it. Sure they love the first snow and playing in freshly fallen leaves but the love of warm air and sunshine never seems to fade like the formentioned. The only downside I can think of is I realize now we are back to a bath everyday for the boys! No, I do not bathe my offspring everyday all year round. I did that with Britt and Shane and I am quite sure that constant bathing has something to do with their fear of dirt! We bathe the boys ...they are quite independent...we tell them it is bath time and they do the rest (except Luke needs help washing his hair) every other day or even every 2 days and yes...there has been the occasional span of time when Ben and I look at each other scratching our heads as we try to remember when they had a bath last. And of course when they were dirty they got a bath.....or a good wash cloth scrub down at the very least. But somewhere in the past 6 years bath time became a chore for me. I try to keep boys still think baths are a treat and a reward for good behavior. But deep inside I dread bath time and will pass it off on anyone who is willing! Ben is great, we usually share the task he takes one night and I do the next. We (parents) need something to make bath time fun for us. There is tons of stuff for the kids but what about us? What is out there that for the bathers of the bath that I don't know about? My friend Chrissy at has some great bath time tipsfor little people.

Bath Tub


Tracy said...

Hellooo... I'm reading your blog for the first time today and I enjoyed it - you made me smile. :) And yes, I identify with the "bath time issues". It seems this week, that as soon as they are bathed they are back outside getting dirty again! ha! But, actually, I view bathtime as a break - since they can all bathe themselves now - sure didn't used to be that way, though.


Stacy said...

Tracy..thanks for your comments...I agree with bathtime being a nice break...when my husband is on bath duty I slip out the door with the dog for a nice relaxing walk.

Chrissy said...

I was just thinking about this same thing yesterday and was thinking, I should really post about the bath every day during warm weather. It's the sunscreen that I am trying to scrub off, that mixed with the dirt collected all over his little body from playing outside all day! What a pain! Timmy loves bath time, but like you, I think it is a huge chore.

Thanks for the link. I try lost of new things in the bath to keep my sanity.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

I usually let my two daughters bathe together (six and almost two). It's more playtime, than anything. And my son uses baths to self-soothe, sometimes taking as many as three a day (thank goodness we have a well, and a good one at that!). There are days, when I need a break, when I actually plead with them to go take a bath!

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