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I am still amazed. My kids constantly amaze me. Take this morning for example, Luke is winy. I check his head for a temperature. I always want to think that my child must be sick if he is misbehaving. Sure enough he felt warm and had a runny nose. So he is a 40 pound 2 year old so I give him a teaspoon of Motrin COLD. As he takes his medicine (all by himself from the little cup -AMAZING!) I check his temp with the ear thermometer (he lets me -AMAZING) Sure enough he has NO temp. Too late... he already swallowed the medicine. About 2 hours pass, Luke has had snack and watched a Blues Clues video for the second or third time while I get some office work done -AMAZING! I notice that the house is quiet, no video, no rustling in the playroom...just quiet-AMAZING. I check the time it's 11:30 am I go upstairs to see what Luke has gotten in to, guessing probably my make-up. Well I find Little Luke curled up in his bed sound asleep, covers on , and house shoes neatly at the bedside. UTTERLY AMAZING! I didn't know Motrin DID THAT!

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch