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In My Town

Words... sometimes they run out of my mouth like a river, and other times, like now.... I don't seem to have the right words. You see a young man from my town has died defending our freedom. I know this man's family, well his brother and mother. My husband knows them all...brave soldier included. Anyway...there such an intense sad feeling attached to this event. I am guessing it is because I am a mother of 3 boys. I have often felt a fleeting fear that someday one of my boys will be drafted, or worse...choose to defend his country. Then die in the line of duty. It seems as if now the reality of those fears are right in my face. I cannot escape's time to face it. We plan on going to the Memorial Service here in town. Justin will be buried in Arlington Cemetery. We are and will continue, to pray for the Rollin's family.

I do question the war and all the wars before this one. We seem to be such a civilized group here on this planet. WHY can we not find civilized means to settle differences? Why must our children die? I know I will not live to see peace on this earth...maybe it will never happen. But I still will pray for peace...everyday. And to Justin, you gave your life for all of humanity. I will never forget...God be with you.

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch