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I said I'd write again today so here goes.....

Today was pretty great all day until.... oh , around 4:00pm. Luke(2) is he's not the best company. He got an RX, he'll be better soon.

The boys are in bed now..but...maybe you can relate to this...I feel guilty about the amount of time I spend on my blogs. Any suggestions? Maybe a certain time allotment each day? I dunno, I am open to ideas.

Do you ever find that you have great blog ideas when you are impossibly far away from your computer, let alone a piece of paper or a pen? Then when you do get to your computer all those fantastic ideas have vanished! Ugh! I am new at this blog thing so I am sure I will develop some type of system, eventually.

The guilt is really bothering me so I am going to spend some time with my handsome husband...much overdue I am embarrassed to say. Til tomorrow...

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Summer on the back porch

Summer on the back porch